Talkspace – Does Online Therapy work?

I hear so much back and forth about Talkspace – is it ethical? Is it helpful? It is worth the investment?

I’m also a provider on Talkspace, and I have to say I LOVE the work done in this space! It isn’t for everyone, but for many people it provides the support they need, in the way that is beneficial for them. It is HIPPA compliant, private, and much like an in-person therapy, including video sessions in some of the plans.

A good friend wrote this article, and I wanted to share it as I think it explores some valid points and expresses the growth she’s experienced within this space.

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“Samurai believed the intense movements required for warfare emerged from a stillness of the mind. Many turned to Zen Buddhist practice of meditation to enhance concentration. On the battlefield, this technique freed warriors from distracting thoughts of uncertainty or fear.”

I was at the Detroit Institute of Arts today and really enjoyed this reflection. Whatever your battle is, meditation is a tool that can be utilized to sharpen your skills and concentration, reducing fear and uncertainty and giving you strength.

I’ve been using this TED talk in therapy lately- Susan David has come out with a new book and multiple social media outlets to share her experience with emotional agility. Part of this is emotional courage.

Identifying our emotions, thoughts, and story is essential to an authentic life, connected to ourselves and thereby allowing us to connect with others. I encourage you watch this (and maybe watch, and re-watch as I have!) and consider how you can build more emotional courage in your life.

TED Susan David – The Gift of Emotional Courage

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I’m not a blogger, to be entirely honest. But I wanted to provide a good reference and support outside therapy sessions to improve your life. Welcome and I hope you find something beneficial!

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